When Is It Time To Change Your Brakes?

18 March 2019
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


The brakes on your car are a very important part of your car. Without them you aren't going to be able to stop, which could mean injury to you or to others. If your brakes are bad it can be just as bad for you and for others. Knowing when it's time to change your brakes is important, but waiting too long to change them can be a disaster. Read on for information to know when it's time to change your brakes.

Hearing Odd Sounds

If your car is beginning to make sounds when you try to stop, it's most likely your brakes. A squealing sound may be from your brake pads being worn down, or an issue with your rotors. If you hear them while you drive, it could be due to a brake clip being stuck if you have brand new brakes. Any time you hear sounds coming from your brakes, you should have them inspected. You may still be able to stop, but those sounds are an indicator that your brakes need to be changed. 

Pressing Harder To Stop

If you feel like you're needing to press down harder to stop your car, it may be due to your brakes going out on your car. If your pedal is to the floor in an attempt to brake, this is a problem. You may not be able to brake in time in order to prevent an accident. Have your brakes inspected by a professional and changed if need be.

Taking Longer To Brake

Your car should start slowing when you press the brake and should stop immediately when you press the brake all the way down. If your car isn't doing this, it's a dangerous situation. Think about how fast you drive your car and how much damage it can do if the car doesn't stop in time. You could injure yourself or others around you if you continue to drive your car. If you notice it's taking much longer to brake, stop driving your car immediately and get it to a repair shop to have the brakes replaced on your car.

Feeling A Grinding In The Brake Pedal

You may hear a grinding sound, but you may also be able to feel this when you press the brake pedal as well. If you hear or feel this grinding when you attempt to brake, it's time to change the brakes. That grinding sound or feel may be your brakes wearing into the rotors, as the pads may be completely gone. 

Don't ignore the sounds your brakes are making, or the differences you are noticing in your car's ability to brake. Take your car to a professional brake repair shop to have your brakes checked and replaced if need be. Visit a site like http://www.autoservicefairfax.com for more help.