4 Auto Air Conditioning Problems That Can Leave You Hot And Miserable When Driving Your Car

24 June 2021
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


When the AC in your car fails, you can be miserable in the summer heat. You may arrive at meetings sweaty and grumpy, and things you transport in your car can easily wilt, spoil, or melt. An auto air conditioning problem should be repaired promptly for your comfort. However, prompt repairs are important for another reason. They keep your entire AC system from failing. Here are some things that might cause problems with the air conditioning in your car.

1. Clogged System

Sometimes, flushing out the system can help get rid of debris that's causing your AC to malfunction. The cabin filter can also clog up and make the AC less effective at keeping you cool. The filter can be replaced if it's dirty, and that could solve your problem unless other parts are going bad.

2. Refrigerant Leak

If your AC has no refrigerant, the vents may blow out air, but the air will be warm rather than cool. That can quickly make you even more miserable. If the refrigerant is leaking due to worn parts or damage, the mechanic can track down the leak by using dye and a light that makes the dye glow when it leaks out.

Repairing a refrigerant leak might involve replacing a bad line or worn-out seals. However, if a major part such as the evaporator coil is damaged, then the repairs could be more complex and costly.

3. Bad Fan

Your car has a fan that keeps the condenser cooled off while the engine is idling. If the fan is bad, your air conditioner can overheat. A fan might go bad due to an electrical problem or a burned-out motor. The mechanic has to troubleshoot the issue and then replace the bad parts to get the fan working properly.

4. Faulty Compressor

Auto air conditioning relies on a number of parts to make and blow cool air. One important part is the compressor that's part of the refrigerant system. If the compressor is bad, your air conditioner won't work. The compressor might malfunction if there is a problem with the wiring, sensor, or magnetic clutch.

The problem could also be a bad compressor, and in that case, the mechanic has to replace it. Replacing a bad compressor can be an expensive auto air conditioning repair depending on the model of car you own.

The good news is not all air conditioning repairs for your car are expensive. However, they might develop into expensive problems if you don't have repairs done promptly, so take your car to the shop when the AC first acts up to have the problem diagnosed and repaired. Check out this site https://www.lakesideradiatorandautorepair.com/ or similar sites for more information.