4 Tasks To Complete Alongside Your Next Oil Change

16 May 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


When you go in for your next oil change, don't just stick to the oil change. When you get your oil changed, this is a great time to assess the overall health of your vehicle. Here are four tasks that you should complete alongside your next oil change in order to keep your vehicle in great shape.

#1 Washer Fluids

Most vehicles contain washer fluid that you can use to clean off your windshield. This can come in handy when your windshield gets covered in dust or pollen during the spring, or if a bird decides to land on it and give it a little decoration or lots of bugs decide to call your vehicle home. Windshield washer fluid can keep your windshield clean and keep you safe on the road. Make sure that they check your windshield washer fluid and top it off while you get your oil changed.

#2 Windshield Wipers

Second, ask the mechanics to check the status of your windshield wipers. If they are worn down, have the mechanics switch them out for some new ones. Most oil change shops keep new windshield wipers on hand so that they can change out your wipers. You don't want to be caught in a downpour with windshield wipers that don't work.

#3 Air Filter

Third, make sure that the mechanic checks your air filter. There should be a cabin air filter that they can check; after a couple of thousands of miles, these filters often get clogged. Switching out the filter will ensure that your heating and air system in your vehicle works smoothly and that you are breathing clean area.

Most vehicles also have an engine air filter. It is always a good idea to switch this out, even if it is not that dirty, to ensure that your engine gets the clean air it needs to operate.

#4 Tire Pressure

Fourth, ask the mechanics to check the tire pressure in your vehicle. This is something that you want to check every time you have your oil changed, as outside air temperature as well as usage can change your tire's pressure. Your mechanics can measure and adjust the tire pressure to the correct ratings, by either adding or removing air from your tires. It is a good idea to get your tire pressure checked a couple of times in between each oil change, especially if you don't need it changed that often.

The next time you go to get your oil changed, don't just stick to switching out the oil filter and adding new oil to your vehicle. Get your windshield wipers, tire pressure and air filter checked, and make sure that they top of your windshield wiper fluids as well. Keep in mind that the recommendations that your mechanic makes, outside of the oil change, are all designed to help your vehicle operating as effectively as possible. Talk to a mechanic, like Auto Bodyworks Of Florence, for more help.