Tired Of Outsourcing Machine Shipping And Logistics? Invest In Your Own Services

14 March 2017
 Categories: Automotive, Blog


If every time you have to ship a piece of machinery from your shop floor you have to pay a fortune, and you can't always wait until someone can fit you into their schedule, it may be time to take your logistics into your own hands. If you think you can save a lot of money by getting what you need to do your own logistics, instead of paying for a large commercial company to do it for you, then it's time to try things on your own. Get started with these things.

CDL Training Course

You need to have an employee that works for you, or you yourself, get certified to drive a freight truck. This way you can drive the truck legally and you know how to drive the truck safely, and you'll also be able to get insured. There are a lot of courses that you can take, depending on your schedule and when you can do it. Find a program and get someone enrolled, or hire someone that can do the driving if you provide the truck.

Used Freight Truck

Shopping for used freightliner trucks for sale will be easier if you find a retailer that specializes in selling these types of vehicles, instead of just shopping around trying to find one company or person that is selling one. If you go to a retailer that has used and new models, you can pick and choose the size you want and determine how much you want to spend. Have the vehicle looked at by an outside mechanic to verify quality.

Inspection and Insurance

Once you have your truck, you'll need to get it inspected so you can get license plates on it, and you'll also need insurance. Take it to the local truck inspection center to make sure everything is safe and legal and to have it weighed, then send the inspection report to the insurance company. This way you'll be able to get plates.

If the money you save in a year is enough to pay for the truck and for the staff member that you have doing the hauling, the then truck is more than worth the investment. If you are able to save money and pay everything off from the investment in a few years, this is still a wise decision for your company. You'll also have an additional asset, the truck, to sell if you want to stop doing your own logistics.